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Potential Hazards in using laptops

Notebook computers were originally designed as a temporary solution - a short-term replacement for the traveler's desktop computer. But as they improved, laptops became many people's primary (and sometimes only) computer. Companies have been finding ways to make them smaller and more portable ever since, and laptops are now a staple of business and educational computing. Yet not much attention has been paid to the ergonomics of mobile computing, and most products are designed with portability - not user safety - in mind. So what can you do to protect yourself? Read on to find's guide to laptop computing, including an overview of ergonomic pitfalls, tips for healthy usage, and a guide to ergonomic products and accessories. In five minutes, you'll be an expert on safe and comfortable computing.

If you can't change your laptop, can you add anything to make it better? You bet. Companies make a variety of laptop accessories to remedy the problems. From document holders and external keyboards to screens that detach entirely from the notebook to let you place them anywhere, there's no lack of solutions. Here's's quick guide to laptop accessories and their uses:

Laptop Stands resemble a music stand; laptops are placed on a height-adjustable platform which allows a wider variety of adjustment. In essence, it's a portable desk - meaning you're not confined to the height of whatever desks or countertops happen to be convenient. Laptop stands are great for people who have a favorite chair from which they work; it lets them bring the desk to them.

Glare Filters (also known as glare screens) help cut reflections and glare, both of which are common causes of eyestrain. Attached to your screen, they filter out up to 99% of reflected light, allowing you to see your screen more clearly. (If you work with sensitive documents, you may also want to consider a combination glare filter/privacy filter).

External Mice are often used by people who find the laptop's built-in touchpad or trackball difficult to negotiate. The bigger size of a traditional mouse lets you use your entire hand to move the mouse, distributing the motion over a wider area and leading to a more comfortable experience for many users.

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