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Anti-germs and bacteria market

Everyday, we use mouse and keyboard unconscious of being disclosed and terribly infected by so much bacteria, germs and odors through our fingers, hands and other tangible things. It is really not immune to almost all the disease to be critical. Despite of the fact, PC input device manufacturers doesn't have put their concerns and endeavor to improve or address this critical issue for a long time. Users have become the victims of the bacteria and germs without any preparing measurements to eliminating them.

Wow-Pens, for the pure concerns about PC users' health, come out now to embed the silver-nano coating all on the body where the fingers, palm and hand always touch. It comprehensively shows 99% effectiveness of eliminating bacteria and germs. It is worthy of being applauded for users' health and safety solution.


Nano Technology deals with molecular and atomic particles that are measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter or 10-9 meters). When converted to such a level a material may take on new properties and functions or increase the ability of that substance to reach and penetrate different areas. Not only does the nano size allow Ag+ ions to easily penetrate cells of microorganisms, but the positive charge increases surface area and even draws the negatively charged elements toward them increasing their ability to affect more molecules.


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