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Awards won by wow-pen

Wow- Pen Joy is the World’s First Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Winner of 'red dot design award 2008'

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Wow-Pen Joy was recently launched, an innovative ergonomic mouse device that can significantly reduce the pressure on the wrist during long hours of computer usage.


In 2007, WOW Pen won the recognition of TCO Development in Sweden for their previous invention, WOW-PEN Traveler, for its superb design, performance, and quality. In addition to WOW Pen’s reputation, the new product WOW-PEN Joy has won the computer accessories category of red dot design award 2008, which is one of the three major awards in industrial design industry. Also, it was nominated for RetailVision Award by Gartner event in two consecutive years from 2007 to 2008.

WOW-PEN Joy is developed based on the innovative technology developed for the first time in the world. It significantly reduces soreness of wrist during long hours of mouse usage such as computer design and CAD, reducing the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Also, WOW-PEN Joy has been evolved from WOW-PEN Eco/Traveler, which was chosen by Microsoft as Top 5 innovative product during CES international 2006 in Las Vegas, with higher performance, enhanced design, and affordable price.

Compared to other ordinary mice, WOW-PEN Joy is the first to use a vertical trajectory and horizontal structure to achieve its innovative ergonomic design, which allows the users to have the natural feeling of grabbing a Joystick. As a result, graphic/CAD designers, gamers, office users for web surfing and creating documents can have the maximum amount of comfort on their wrists during long hours of mouse usage and prevent the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

WOW-PEN Joy is based on USB, has product dimension of 72(W) x 102(D) x 85mm(H), and weighs 130g. It provides full function with 5 default buttons, resolution of 800 dpi, and operates on all OS including Windows 98/Me/2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X+, and Linux.

WOW-PEN Eco/Traveler was previously chosen by Microsoft as one of Top 5 Innovative products during CES International 2006, introduced by Washington Post, and broadcasted by NBC during Digital Edge.

RetailVision North American Spring 2007 Nominees and Award Winners

WOWPEN is nominated as a best product of PC accessories in Retail Vision Spring 2007 held Nashville, Tennessee in US during 16th-20th of April.

WOWPEN is highly estimated that showing new guide line and new ergonomic design for future PC peripheral device circumstances.

For the Technology Provider winners and nominees, "The Best of RetailVision Awards"¢â are a proven springboard to increased brand awareness and product credibility in the consumer channel. Best of all,
winners are selected by Decision-Makers from Top 100-level Retailers who buy over $60 billion worth of products each year.

Red Herring - Asia Top 100

USA IT magazine, Red Herring (, finaly announced Asia Top 100 companies of August 28, 2006.

It announced 100 companies out of 600 technology of unlisted stock companies, considering technology innovation, ability of administrators, market size, investment record, customer occupation and financial stability.


MicroSoft - 5 Hot Products

Published: January 17, 2006
By S. E. Slack, author and technology expert

Couldn't make it to the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? That's okay - I put on my running shoes and toured it to find the top five office items you won't be able to live without in 2006.

With more than 2,500 exhibitors from 100 countries to review, it soon became obvious that a lot of them were simply putting a new twist on an old idea and trying to pass it off as a cool new "must have" for this year. I looked past the glitz and glamour right into the heart of the matter: If a product didn't make your job at least a little easier, it didn't make our list.

1.     Babble

2.     LaserKey 850

3.     WOW Pen

4.     Maxtor

5.     DriveSync

3. Wow Pen

Maybe you've seen those pen devices that act as optical mice. I had, and I wasn't impressed. Somehow, they just seemed a bit too awkward to use and the tiny tip was scratchy and irritating. But I spotted this and it got me excited about a new product called the Wow-Pen Eco (and its corresponding wireless version, the Wow-Pen Traveler). 

This portable optical mouse is easier to hold than the other pen devices I've tried, and it combines the pen-like shape with a broader base that is effortless to grasp and move. While not currently available for lefties, the Wow-Pen can be used on any flat surface and is designed for control by the index and middle fingers. The index finger runs the right and left mouse button, while the middle finger controls the scrolling wheel. The design means that you are more prone to grasping the device with your fingers than your hand and arm, which reduces fatigue and helps eliminate carpal tunnel strain.

When you aren't using it, the device simply stands by itself wherever you leave it. A nice bonus to this product is optional presentation and handwriting software, which allows you to handwrite on a variety of applications.

The Wow-Pen Traveler works in 2.4 GHZ environments up to 50 meters and both versions are silver nano embedded, which offers the latest in anti-bacterial properties. Both items are expected to be available soon in a variety of colors through the company's Web site, WowPen, for between $40-$75 USD.


S.E. Slack
S. E. Slack is a writer and author with more than 17 years of experience in business writing. She specializes in technology, with an emphasis on "de-gunking" technology so the masses can both understand and use it. Slack has written numerous articles for small- and medium-sized businesses, appearing internationally in business magazines and online business sites. She has also been an executive and business transformation communications consultant to IBM, Lenovo International, and State Farm Insurance Cos. Her books include The Financial Advisor's Guide to the Microsoft Office System, The Accountant's and Auditor's Guide to the Microsoft Office System, The Financial Analyst's Guide to the Microsoft Office System, and A Public Relations Survival Kit.



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